Capricorn Weekly Horoscope


You’ve been a Goat on a mission, but don’t forget to show your inner circle some love. Thursday’s skies act like a gravitational force keeping you anchored at home or at least in close touch with your nearest and dearest. A galvanizing gathering of expansive Jupiter and affectionate Venus in upbeat Aries and your domestic quarters is an ideal time to show your appreciation for your inner circle. These heavenly “benefics” merge annually, but they won’t be back in this arena for over a decade! You can make a major change regarding your living situation, take a budding relationship to a deeper level or share some feelings you’ve been bottling up. Blunt Jupiter helps you get those emotions off your chest without coming off heavy or intense. If you’ve been missing a special person, stop pining and get proactive. Pick up the phone, shoot a message or, better yet, book a trip to visit them.

Variety is the new spice of your life starting Thursday, March 2, as inquisitive Mercury zips into Pisces until March 19. The world’s your smorgasbord, Capricorn, so belly up to the buffet table and taste a little bit of everything. While Mercury’s travels through indulgent Pisces CAN relate to actual food, we’re thinking more about academic workshops, a Class Pass to try different fitness studios, spas, therapies and cultural activities. (Painting with Pinot, or indoor bouldering, anyone?) The third house rules your own neighborhood, so spend more time closer to home getting to know local folks and venues. You could discover a treasure trove of options practically in your backyard.

This transit governs communication and transportation as well, so if you’re in need of a more up-to-date mobile device or your ride could stand an upgrade, do some test-driving. As a global citizen, think how you might reduce your carbon footprint. Consider public transportation, ride shares or getting a cute e-bike (or Vespa!) for your local commutes. You’ll enjoy an easy way with words with Mercury here, so roll up your well-tailored sleeves and get creative: Record a podcast, flood your Instagram feed or sit down and pen Chapter One of your memoir.


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